Friends of the ESCL

The ESCL is offering people and organisations an opportunity to join our organisation as a ‘Friend of the ESCL’ by becoming an associate member.

An associate member will receive the newsletter and be invited to the Congress each year as well as receiving notifications of events being hosted by national societies during the year. In special cases they can receive discounts on the fees for events.

In order to become an associate member we ask for a small annual donation of € 100,- from each individual or corporation to contribute to the administrative costs of running the Society.  

Associate members are not members within the meaning of the (Dutch) law and fall outside the scope of art. 2:8 of the Dutch Civil Code and they do not have voting rights during the General Assembly, nor get an invitation to attend this assembly. Those rights are solely given to the full members of the ESCL which are the national societies and institutions recognized by and voted in by the General Assembly of the ESCL. There is a contractual relationship between the ESCL and the associate member instead of an institutional membership relationship. The provisions in Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code regarding membership do not apply to this form membership of the ESCL. 

However, friends of the ESCL have a special position within the circle of the ESCL, are kept up-to-date on their endeavours and support the ESCL with their yearly donation.

Click here to register as a Friend of the ESCL