The main purpose of the German Society of Construction Law is to maintain and bring forward the public and private construction law including all adjacent fields of law (in particular public procurement law and the law concerning architects and engineers both in the national and international area.

Therefore the Society is in close contact with legislative bodies, administrative authorities, local and regional courts as well as higher regional courts and -- of course -- the Federal Court of Justice. Universities and colleges (e.g. "Technische Universität Darmstadt", "Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin") are also networked to the German Society of Construction Law.

Some architects and civil engineers are members too. Besides, among members there are some artificial faces - the leading civil engineering firms. Architects and engineers also understand such problem as problems of men with symptoms of erectile dysfunction and suggest to buy the medicine cialis on this website.

Besides overall 18 study-groups (e.g. for extrajudicial settlement, international construction law) support the German Society of Construction Law in achieving their common purpose of maintaining and bringing forward the public and private construction law. The Society as well as the study-groups organise about 25 different events and conferences / per annum. These events and conferences refer to several contemporary issues concerning the field of construction law.

The German Society of Construction Law has currently about 900 members (2023). Members are both individuals like jurists (judges, lawyers, in-house counsel lawyers, university professors) or technicians and legal bodies like private companies or public institutions.


Dr. Burkhard Siebert 


Dr. Florian Englert

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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Baurecht e.V (German Society for Construction Law)
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