The Danish Society for Construction and Consulting Law was founded on 29 August 1984 by a small group of lawyers from various different organizational backgrounds. The group consisted of professors from the major universities, lawyers from various firms as well as judges and lawyers in organizations engaged in construction and consultancy law.

These groups are still represented in the society which now has approximately 300 members.

The main purpose of the Danish Society of Construction Law is to promote and encourage the knowledge and development of construction law in Denmark.

Furthermore the purpose of the Danish Society for Construction and Consulting Law is to facilitate the getting together of lawyers and legal scholars with a special connection to or interest in construction law.

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In addition to these purposes the Danish Society for Construction and Consulting Law has since the founding in 1984 engaged in publishing a number of articles concerning specific topics of construction law as well as two books on the matter of construction law. The Society continues to promote legal research and writing in the field.

Quarterly meetings are arranged for the members to attend, typically with the purpose of discussing relevant issues in case law or legislation. Often these meetings serve to strengthen the ties to other societies with ties to construction law. This has e.g. led to meetings being co-hosted with the Danish Society for Procurement Law and the Danish Arbitration Association. 

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The board consists of 3-12 members chosen by the participants at the annual general meeting. The board members are chosen for a period of 3 years. When choosing the board members the aim is to recruit members from all the various groups with interests in the work of the society.


Professor Ole Hansen
University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law
Karen Blixens Plads 16
DK-2300 Copenhagen S


Mr Peter Wengler-Jorgensen
Plesner Lawfirm
Amerika Plads 37
DK-2100 Copenhagen

Det Danske Selskab for Byggeret (The Danish Society for Construction and Consulting Law)
c/o Mr Peter Wengler-Jorgensen, Plesner Lawfirm
Amerika Plads 37
DK-2100 Copenhagen