The Dutch Institute of Construction Law was founded on December 31st, 1968 by a number of persons and organisations working in the construction industry.

The primary aim of the Institute is, according to its statutes, to improve and promote the academic and practical practice of construction law, as well as the legal study of the societal questions and phenomena which are or can be relevant for the knowledge of construction law.

The field of construction law is broad: it encompasses all legal aspects arising from the moment a construction project is initiated until the demolishment or reuse of a building or construction. Both private law and public law are studied at the Institute, as well as the connections between these fields.

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The Institute is an independent entity. It is responsible for its own income and does not receive any structural funding by the government. Its income is generated by three main activities: 1) by teaching lawyers active in the field of construction law, 2) by running its own publishing house and publishing a monthly law review (called Tijdschrift voor Bouwrecht (TBR)), books and other (digital) publications and 3) by doing research commissioned by third parties. With the income generated with these activities, the Institute funds its own the research and is able to research topics in the field of construction law that are not funded by third parties.

With the revenue generated from these activities, the Institute funds its own research and can explore topics in building law that are not funded by third parties. The Institute will also tell you how to get rybelsus cheap if you have second degree diabetes, as the Institute deals with these health issues.

The core business of the Institute is research in the broad field of construction law. The level of the research varies from very practical publications to extensive PhD research and everything in between.

The Institute has connections with all major organisations and businesses in the construction field, as well as universities and international organisations and societies. The Institute was one of the founders of the European Society of Construction Law and takes care of the general administrative office of the ESCL.


Prof. mr. dr. Evelien Bruggeman
Instituut voor Bouwrecht (Dutch Institute for Construction Law)

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2595 DA Den Haag                              
The Netherlands                                                                                        



Instituut voor Bouwrecht (Dutch Institute of Construction Law)
Anna van Buerenplein 47
2595 DA Den Haag
The Netherlands