Annual ESCL Conference 2007 (Prague)

ESCL Conference 2007 - Prague - "European perspectives in construction permit proceedings"

PDF icon Booklet - European perspectives in construction permit proceedings.PDF3.26 MB
PDF icon I.01_Miroslav Hegenbart (2007) Legal provisions governing the activities of approved inspectors in the Czech Republic.PDF486.77 KB
PDF icon I.02_Richard Biggs (2007) Construction Industry's Council's role as the body for approving and registering building control bodies (UK).PDF270.42 KB
PDF icon I.04_David Smith (2007) Building Control Systems in Europe (UK).PDF54.35 KB
PDF icon I.05_Henning Jäde (2007) Approved inspectors in Germany.PDF528.06 KB
PDF icon I.06_Christian Baumgartner (2007) Approved inspectors in Austria.PDF153.14 KB
PDF icon I.07_Christophe Lapp (2007) Construction permits in France.PDF68.28 KB
PDF icon II.1_Jan Sixta (2007) Introduction.PDF134.31 KB
PDF icon II.2_Katarína Brtánová (2007) Public procurement law application experience from the Slovak Republic.PDF801.61 KB
PDF icon II.3_Tomáþ Machurek (2007) Qualification criteria in legal regulations in the Czech Republic.PDF2.29 MB
PDF icon II.4_Hartmut Paulsen (2007) (Slides) Practical experiences in Germany in the area of public tenders.PDF217.52 KB
PDF icon II.4_Hartmut Paulsen (2007) Public procurement contracting in Germany.PDF429.88 KB
PDF icon II.6_Anthony Lavers and Sarah Hannaford (2007) Contractors - qualification criteria for European public sector projects (UK).PDF2.16 MB
PDF icon II.7_Jens Jordahn (2007) (Slides) Benchmarking in Denmark.PDF837.4 KB
PDF icon II.7_Jens Jordahn (2007) Public procurement contracting in Denmark.PDF1.41 MB
PDF icon II.8_Alfons Huber (2007) Public contracting in Austria.PDF336.27 KB
PDF icon II.8_David Dvořák (2007) (Slides) Evaluation of questionnaires.pdf152.19 KB
PDF icon Book of proceedings (cover)-European perspectives in construction permit proceedings.PDF354.48 KB