Annual ESCL Conference 2008 (Athens)

ESCL Conference 2008 - Athens - "Construction and the Protection of the Environment". Note: The conference papers were jointly published by the Hellenic Society for Technology and Construction Law and European Society for Construction Law (joint editors). Title: ‘Construction and the Protection of the Environment. Minutes of the Conference of September 28th, 2008.’ Publisher: ANT. N. SAKKOULAS PUBLISHERS ( ISBN: 978-960-15-2193-0.

ESCL Conference programme 2008176.07 KB
Martin Beyeler (2008) Ecological Aspects under Swiss Public Procurement Law131.03 KB
David Dvořák (2008) Green Public Procurement - wishful thinking or reality (Czech Republic)139.96 KB
Jens Jordahn (2008) Latest Recommendations on Environmental Aspects in Denmark219.95 KB
Anthony Lavers (2008) The impact of environmental factors upon procurement and risk exposure in UK construction projects242.46 KB
Mr Nychas (2008) Presentation in Greek language522.13 KB
John Redmond (2008) Environmental Infrastructure procured with Private Finance - Contract Solutions in the UK 605.47 KB
Epaminonda Toleris (2008) Presentation in Greek language268.76 KB
Matthias Wohlgemuth (2008) Environmental aspects in Public Procurement under Austrian Law86.41 KB